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Varsity Monitor is pleased to provide the The Social Media Playbook! The "Definitive" social media education presentation for athletes of all levels. The presentation is FREE for athletic administrators. Whether High School, College, or the Professional level, this extensive educational presentation will showcase both the positive and negative use of social media along with a gameplan for effective use. This presentation has been designed to encourage athlete dialog regarding proper use of social media.

Why are we giving this away for free? .............Because it is that important!

To get your free copy of The Social Media Playbook, email us at:
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Terms of Use: This presentation is to be used expressly for educational purposes only. Each slide must prominently display the Varsity Monitor logo. The Varsity logo size must NOT be reduced in size, blacked out, covered up or redacted. The Content used in this presentation are from public accounts- names have been redacted when appropriate.

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Building a Foundation

Social Media education is the foundation for productive use of social media, and Varsity Monitor is the established leader in athlete and administrator social media education.