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At Varsity Monitor, we understand that each college, university, league or individual athlete has a different perspective and need with regards to social media monitoring. At Varsity Monitor we custom tailor our service to meet our customer’s needs and values.

With Varsity Monitor, it’s not one size fits all…. Whatever your requirements, Varsity Monitor can provide the type of monitoring that you feel is aligned with your organizations needs and principles. Please contact us to learn more about our unique approach.

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Social Media Account Monitoring

This service includes real-time monitoring of athlete’s social media accounts, using both automated and manual analysis to watch for inappropriate, illegal, or unethical content. When inappropriate content is discovered, both the administrators and coaches will be notified. We work directly with you to match our monitoring service with your internal policies.

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Universal Social Web Monitoring

Varsity Monitors proprietary technology is used to correlate information across the social web and other third party sources. We use it to uncover possible compliance issues as well as identify fake or imposter user accounts. When our service does uncover irregularities, we immediately share this information with coaches and administrators providing insight into possible compliance or reputation issues before it’s too late.

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Social Media Guidelines & Education

A big part of effectively leveraging social media in your organization is to establish a social media code of conduct and to educate your athlete’s and department heads on social media best practices. Varsity Monitor offers on-site training and social media policy development.  We’ll help your organization establish a best in class social media policy and training program that will educate and empower your athletes to properly use social media in keeping with your policies.

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Social Media Analytics

Varsity Monitor provides athletes and administrators with detailed social media analytics enabling you to identify the key influencers of the social media conversation.